[rabbitmq-discuss] Librabbitmq

Pieter de Zwart pdezwart at rubiconproject.com
Wed May 26 22:52:15 BST 2010

Hey Tony & gang,

I am having some trouble with the librabbitmq library, and I am hoping you
can help me out. We have managed to created a situation whereby a connection
gets closed down, but the PHP client does not know about it yet. As a
result, when it tries to clean itself up with amqp_channel_close(), a
SIGPIPE is thrown and PHP gets all kinds of pissed off. I was wondering if
you could help me either:
1. catch SIGPIPE in the PHP C client somehow. (I am a n00b.)
2. pass some sort of flag to the connection to ignore SIGPIPE and return
false instead. In case you are as clueless as I am (I am sure you are not,
but just in case) I found this:
setsockopt(sd, SOL_SOCKET, SO_NOSIGPIPE, (void *)&set, sizeof(int));

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