[rabbitmq-discuss] lost message due to binding delay

Matthias Radestock matthias at rabbitmq.com
Wed May 26 20:40:55 BST 2010


Aaron Westendorf wrote:
> Is there a[nother] rule on which methods are synchronous and
> which are not?

The AMQP xml spec marks methods with a 'synchronous="1"' when they are 
synchronous, *except* that many such methods can be turned into 
asynchronous ones by setting a 'nowait' field.

> It seems that much of the spec is written with the
> expectation of synchronous request-response

Not really. The 'nowait' flag mentioned above, plus features like being 
able to refer to the "most recently declared queue" are evidence of that.

> ServiceB would call basic.publish and tx.commit only, having already
> set up its outbound channel.

Ah. That could trigger the bug Simon mentioned, causing the commit to 
get executed before the publish.



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