[rabbitmq-discuss] Pika and Channel.Flow

Matthias Radestock matthias at rabbitmq.com
Tue May 25 19:58:49 BST 2010


allan bailey wrote:
> Are you suggesting that basic_publish should return something?  From my 
> brief reading of the protocol it doesn't return anything.

The basic.publish AMQP command has no response. That doesn't mean the 
corresponding client library method cannot return something or throw an 

> In my code I'm in a tight look just sending messages via basic_publish. 
>  At no point does basic_publish notice the channel.flow state change.

That's a problem with the library.

Once a client library has seen a channel.flow{active=false}, it should 
a) return channel.flow-ok{active=false}, and b) prevent any further 
basic.publishes to the channel until a channel.flow{active=true} has 
been received and replied to.

What exactly the library should do when refusing to send a basic.publish 
is up to the library designer... we have seen all of the following in 
the wild:

- block the thread that is trying to send the basic.publish until flow 
can resume (that's what the RabbitMQ Java and .net clients do)

- throw an exception to the initiator of the basic.publish

- silently drop the basic.publish



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