[rabbitmq-discuss] Cloning RHEL VM's with pre-installed Rabbit.

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Thu May 20 17:28:56 BST 2010

Hi Keith,

Keith Davies wrote:
> Hi Emile
> Thanks very much for the reply.  Just to let you know we are using 
> rabbit 1.7.1.  Anyway in response to your questions if I run the 
> following command on one of our VM's:-
> ./rabbitmqctl status
> I get the response:-
> Status of node rabbit at ttraflonrh320 ...
> [{running_applications,[{rabbitmq_bql,"RabbitMQ Broker Query 
> Language","0.01"},
>                         {amqp_client,"RabbitMQ AMQP Client","0.0.0"},
>                         {rabbit,"RabbitMQ","1.7.1"},
>                         {os_mon,"CPO  CXC 138 46","2.1.8"},
>                         {sasl,"SASL  CXC 138 11",""},
>                         {rfc4627_jsonrpc,"JSON RPC Service","0.01"},
>                         {mnesia,"MNESIA  CXC 138 12","4.4.7"},
>                         {stdlib,"ERTS  CXC 138 10","1.15.5"},
>                         {kernel,"ERTS  CXC 138 10","2.12.5"}]},
>   {nodes,[rabbit at ttraflonrh320]}, 
>   {running_nodes,[rabbit at ttraflonrhtest,rabbit at ttraflonrh324,
>                  rabbit at ttraflonrh334,rabbit at ttraflonrh326,
>                  rabbit at ttraflonrh331,rabbit at ttraflonrh320]}]
> Which strikes me a slightly weird as the running nodes do not match up 
> with the nodes.  Unfortunately I have not been able to determine from 
> the documentation what this means.

This should never happen. The running nodes should always be a subset of 
the nodes. We have never seen the state you reported. Is it possible 
that the original machine was in a clustered configuration prior to 
being cloned? When did the running_nodes come into existence?

A suggested recovery option is to run
"rabbitmqctl stop_app; rabbitmqctl reset; rabbitmqctl start_app"
for each of the running nodes.
This should leave you with a set of standalone rabbit brokers and both 
"nodes" and "running_nodes" should contain a single entry.

The original template machine that the clones are created from should 
have a blank mnesia database or preferably have no mnesia directory at all.


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