[rabbitmq-discuss] Cloning RHEL VM's with pre-installed Rabbit.

Keith Davies keith.davies at trafigura.com
Tue May 18 13:18:47 BST 2010

Hi Rabbit users and gurus,

I've not posted a question on this mailing list before so apologies if I'm not following the correct procedure!!.  Anyway I am on a new development project and we are using Rabbit.  I have encountered a slight issue and would be grateful for any advice on the mater, or some pointers in the right direction.

We have a number of development and qa environments.  We have created a VMWare image with Rabbit pre-installed.  In order to create a new environment we have been cloning this image.  What we are finding is that all the clones seem to be finding each other and joining together to create a cluster.  Although we will most likely want this behaviour when we go to production we would like our development and qa environments to be completely stand alone.  Ideally we would also like to change the VMWare image so that all clones get this behaviour by default without any manual intervention.

Our clustering behaviour may be due to the fact that all our clones are have the same ".erlang.cookie".

My question to you guys is.  Is there a preferred approach to being able to deal with Rabbit and VMWare images.  Alternatively is there a way to ensure clustering is turned off in our VMWare image.  Apologies if this is a really simple question but I am relatively new to the clustering side of Rabbit.

Thanks very much in advance.


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