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Chris Duncan celldee at gmail.com
Sat May 15 08:50:01 BST 2010


David has done some fantastic work and has been keeping me up to date  
on his progress. With his help, I will endeavour to incorporate the  
most useful changes into the main branch.

I'll be making announcements in the Google group (http:// 
groups.google.com/group/bunny-amqp), as well as on GitHub (http:// 
github.com/celldee/bunny). If you want to contribute to Bunny or  
comment on what you would like to see in the next release, please see  
the project page in GitHub for the appropriate links.

Sorry if this discussion is not deemed pertinent to this mailing  
list. I have copied it the Bunny mailing list, so discussion can  
continue there if need be.



On 14 May 2010, at 12:41, David MacIver wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> This is just a heads up in case anyone finds themselves in a similar
> position to me: I've been using Bunny (Chris Duncan's Ruby AMQP
> client) on a work project, and it's largely been great, but I've run
> into a few issues, so I've created a fork which fixes them:
> http://github.com/DRMacIver/bunny
> Differences from the current released version:
> Improvements:
> * Flow control is supported (the released version will crash when
> rabbit sends flow control messages)
> * Somewhat better error diagnostics when things go wrong
> * Subscriptions are much more powerful - they're essentially fully
> supported - you can subscribe to multiple queues, mix subscriptions
> and other messages, etc. The API is quite rough at the moment and I'll
> probably be tinkering with it a reasonable amount, but it does  work.
> * A few miscellaneous bug fixes (e.g. Bunny 0.6 will create malformed
> headers for some tables when the values are Bignums)
> Incompatibilities:
> * 0.9.1 support is totally ripped out
> * some of the old subscription behaviour is gone - max_message,
> unsubscribe automatically on exiting the loop, etc. This was largely
> because they interact poorly with the changes I made to support more
> general subscriptions. Basic operation is *largely* compatible, but
> there are a fair few differences.
> * a bunch of files have moved about so if you're relying on bunny
> internals your code will almost certainly break.
> One massive caveat: I'm not planning to maintain this in any official
> capacity. Chris has done a great job with Bunny, and is a much more
> responsible maintainer than I'm likely to be. These are really just
> the fixes I needed to get things done, and my long term goal is
> definitely to try to get all these improvements merged back into the
> Bunny mainline, but that's not straightforward at the moment due to
> the various features I bulldozed out of the way in my hurry to get
> this done. I'm simply letting people know that this exists in case you
> need some of these fixes now and are willing to risk running
> unreleased code to get them.
> Regards,
> David
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