[rabbitmq-discuss] Silverlight application with RabbitMQ

Sidda Eraiah siddalinga at gmail.com
Sun May 9 19:58:31 BST 2010

Jens Aernouts,

As you found out Kaazing supports AMQP 0-9-1 protocol. It works
against other servers which support AMQP 0-9-1. RabbitMQ support for
AMQP 0-9-1 in the development branch is difficult to get it to run
once you get it configured correctly it works fine.

With rabbitmq-stomp adapter, you can try Kaazing's StompClient
implementation. StompClient provides with capability to send binary
to server as a ByteBuffer. You don't have to worry about the content-
length header referred above - it is taken care for you in the
StompClient library. Kaazing's StompClient library is available to
in Javascript, Silverlight, .NET, Flex, Java or JavaFX.

Best Regards,

On Apr 30, 1:05 pm, "Aernouts Jens" <aernouts_j... at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I didn't test the STOMP plugin or the new AMQP version yet, so I can't give
> new information about it. However, thank you guys for all the feedback. I'm
> going to test it after finishing the Silverlight client.
> I used all my time working on that and it finally seems to work. I ran the
> tests that where delivered with the client and they're all working (except
> the tests that didn't even work in the original project). After that, I ran
> some example projects, and they're also working. Like I said before, I
> commented out the things we don't need (XML things, SSL, ...), so they
> aren't working yet. These functions will be fixed afterwards.
> About the version: It was simple to change the version by adding the version
> number in the AssemblyInfo.cs file.
> About the PublicKeyToken: Well, that's what I thought before... However,
> thanks for that.
> When I finish the project, I'll send it to you and in the meantime, I'll
> keep you posted.
> Next week I'm on collegetrip, so there won't be any updates...
> Kind Regards
> Jens Aernouts - Student Bachelor of Applied Engineering @ Artesis University
> College of Antwerp
> > Hi Jens,
> > Aernouts Jens wrote:
> >> @ Tony: About STOMP: how can our client send a content-length header to
> >> the server? We can use the content-length header at our client, but not
> >> at the server I think... Can you give some more info about this please?
> > So the STOMP protocol,http://stomp.codehaus.org/Protocol, says this on
> > the
> > subject:
> >  "It is recommended that SEND frames include a content-length header which
> >   is a byte count for the length of the message body. If a content-length
> >   header is included, this number of bytes should be read, regardless of
> >   whether or not there are null characters in the body. The frame still
> > needs
> >   to be terminated with a null byte and if a content-length is not
> > specified,
> >   the first null byte encountered signals the end of the frame."
> > (MESSAGE frames have a very similar paragraph in their description.)
> > The RabbitMQ STOMP server plugin pays attention to this content-length
> > header.
> > It also *always* supplies a content-length header on MESSAGE whenever the
> > message body is non-empty.
> >> I'm currently compiling the client project against the Silverlight
> >> runtime, and it seems to work. At this moment, I just rewrote the things
> >> we really need (this needs to be fixed as fast as possible), but I'm
> >> going to fix the other problems too.
> > Hey this is excellent news! Will you be able to send us a patch?
> >> What should I do to compile it with the right PublicKeyToken and the
> >> right version Number?
> > I think you might need our key for that. (Which clearly isn't an option
> > :-) ) I
> > suspect you will have to recompile the DLLs you have that depend on the
> > RabbitMQ client to have less strict dependencies. I'm afraid I'm not an
> > expert
> > on the vagaries of .NET linking, though :-/
> > Regards,
> >  Tony
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