[rabbitmq-discuss] [MacOSX]Can't set long node name!\nPlease check your configuration

Matthias Radestock matthias at rabbitmq.com
Sun May 2 19:17:35 BST 2010


Andreas Jung wrote:
> Starting RabbitMQ 1.7.2 on Snow Leopard now gives me this:
> ajung at suxmac2:~/sandboxes/occ bin/rabbitmq-server
> {error_logger,{{2010,5,2},{18,57,44}},"Can't set long node name!\nPlease
> check your configuration\n",[]}
> [...]
> The start script is as follows:  [...]

That startup script has been modified in quite a few places from what we 
ship with rabbitmq. So, rather unsurprisingly, it doesn't work ;)

Specifically, the error you are seeing is due to ...

>     -name ${RABBITMQ_NODENAME} \

having been changed from "-sname ...". As a result the node name needs 
to be set to a fully qualified name (e.g. rabbit at host.domain.com).



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