[rabbitmq-discuss] can I do a rabbitmq message pool?

Ovidiu Deac ovidiudeac at gmail.com
Wed Jun 30 15:39:56 BST 2010


I'm porting an application to use rabbitmq. The legacy code was using
an SQL db for messaging.

I'm facing the following problem which I'm not sure how to solve so I
hope you might give me an idea.

The module that I'm working on right now receives an input message M
makes an HTTP POST with some information contained in M and then
depending on the response it sends a message to the payment module and
also sends a message back to the caller.

I have a input module that consumes messages from an input queue,
sends the post parameters to the http queue from where the http module
will take it and make an http post request. When an http response is
available the response is placed in an http responses queue.

My problem is the matching between the http responses and the initial
messages so I can continue the processing.

Is it possible to retrieve a message from a queue based on an id? I
would need more like a pool then a queue.

I could do that in code but I want my message to be safe in case of a
crash so I would like to make use of the message persistence.


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