[rabbitmq-discuss] rabbitmq-bql cannot create queue

Alexandru Scvortov alexandru at rabbitmq.com
Wed Jun 30 09:37:21 BST 2010

Hi Ovidiu,

I'm having trouble reproducing this. Building rabbitmq-public-umbrella,
activating the plugins, unzipping the new rabbitmq-bql-client.zip and
running bql works fine for me.


On 06/29/2010 11:02 PM, Ovidiu Deac wrote:
> Another issue that I encountered was the fact that if I built
> rabbitmq-public-umbrella and then I installed the bql plugin the bql
> client didn't work.
> In order to fix this I had to
> 1. build umbrella
> 2. cd to rabbitmq-bql
> 3. make clean && make
> 4. install the bql plugin

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