[rabbitmq-discuss] status of available message buses compatible with Java client

Shane shane at digitalsanctum.com
Wed Jun 23 23:28:53 BST 2010

I'm still feeling my way around RabbitMQ (as you might have noticed
from the number of posts I've written lately). One decision I'm
wrestling with is what to use for message routing with the Java
client. I've started looking into the following:

- Writing my own helper classes with Spring
- Apache Camel
- Spring Integration with OpenCredo's contributions (amq template, amq
spring integration)

Since RabbitMQ was recently acquired by SpringSource, SI w/OpenCredo
seems like the natural choice but there hasn't been any development on
the OpenCredo stuff since March? (looking at github).

Although Apache Camel seems to be more mature, I'd rather go the
Spring Integration route since all of our apps already use Spring for
dependency injection, etc.

Can someone from Rabbit comment on the state of development with
respect to integration with Spring? Is the contributions from
OpenCredo going to be used?

I'm also interested in other message bus solutions people are using
with the Java client.

Thanks again,

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