[rabbitmq-discuss] Error running rabbitmqctl

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Mon Jun 21 14:20:13 BST 2010

On 18/06/10 20:34, Russell Borogove wrote:
> In order to coordinate rabbitmq with alice, I'm setting the cookie for both on the command line with '-setcookie 123'. This seems to work fine. 
> When I try to run rabbitmq, though, it errors out trying to read the cookie from my home dir:
> russell at shard ~: sudo rabbitmqctl -setcookie 123 stop
> {error_logger,{{2010,6,18},{12,32,20}},"Error when reading /Users/russell/.erlang.cookie: eacces",[]}
> Why is it looking for the cookie there?

Hi Russell,

Regrettably "-setcookie" is not parameter that is accepted by
rabbitmqctl. That is why erlang searches for a cookie file in
$HOME/.erlang.cookie .

You can solve this problem by getting $HOME/.erlang.cookie to be
readable and containing the correct cookie value.

You could also edit rabbitmqctl and add "-setcookie 123" to the list of
parameters of "exec erl" if you are averse to the previous suggestion.
Take care because package upgrades may undo this.



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