[rabbitmq-discuss] Rabbit crash, new persister

Øyvind Tjervaag oyvind at tjervaag.com
Fri Jun 18 18:51:43 BST 2010

On Jun 18, 2010, at 6:39 PM, Matthew Sackman wrote:
> Hmm, I would certainly try moving it and see if life improves. I've
> noticed Windows do strange things to files created by Rabbit / Erlang,
> but then again, I've noticed Windows do strange things.
> You should be able to set the environment variable RABBITMQ_MNESIA_BASE
> to the directory you want to use. When Rabbit starts up, it will display
> this directory just under the banner so it should be pretty easy to
> check if it's taken effect.

Changed the folder to c:\mnesia, but strangely enough rabbit decided it would be better to put it in;

c:/Program Files/RabbitMQ/rabbitmq_server-1.7.2/sbin/mnesia/rabbit-mnesia

.. some default value? I don't mind the location as long as it works though! I'm running a test right now to see if I can kill it again. Thanks for the help so far!


PS, for the curious, transferring real time process oil & gas production data to a historian DB. Involving OPC, RabbitMQ and WebsphereMQ. RabbitMQ is my favorite of the involved apps so far ;)

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