[rabbitmq-discuss] Publish to queue fails but publish to direct exchange works

Matthias Radestock matthias at rabbitmq.com
Fri Jun 18 06:52:33 BST 2010


Raphael Simon wrote:
> Running some queries on the broker shows that the queue route is indeed 
> gone from mnesia while the exchange route still exists:  [...]

Simply running 'rabbitmqctl list_bindings' should give the same results. 
Please do that, just to check.

It looks like the binding to the default exchange has vanished. That 
really should only ever happen if the queue is deleted or that binding 
is removed explicitly. Could the latter have happened? It's actually a 
grey area of the spec; imo it should not be allowed, but rabbit does 
currently permit it.

Is the default exchange itself still there? Check with 'rabbitmqctl 

Is this reproducible at all? I suspect not :(

What version of rabbit are you running?

> I still don't understand what scenario could cause this to happen though 
> especially since the exchange is auto-delete

Interesting. auto-delete exchanges are very rare. In fact I do not know 
of anybody else using them. So it's possible there is a bug in that code 
that has laid dormant for years. Can you explain your use-case for 
auto-delete exchanges?

Also, what version of rabbit are you running?



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