[rabbitmq-discuss] Pluggable Authentication back ends?

Scott Brooks scott at beamdog.com
Wed Jun 16 16:49:19 BST 2010

First off congratulations on 1.8.0.

Secondly I was looking through the source trying to find a way to
extend the authentication code and it looks like there isn't really
any way to do it as a plugin.

Ideally such a system would operate something like this.
1: Authenticate against rabbits built in user list.
2: If the user is not found, map over a configurable list of
gen_server names calling into it with a standard set of messages the
gen_server would have to accept.
3: In that users state store which backend authorized them so it can
return to that when needing to check permissions, etc.

Then I could write a plugin that would create an auth exchange that it
could send auth requests to and the equivalent application bound do
that exchange replying with auth ok, fail, etc.

That would let me lookup and auth against my users database without
having to either share a public username and password, or try and sync
the two databases.


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