[rabbitmq-discuss] Highly Dynamic Bindings?

Michael Artz mlartz at gmail.com
Wed Jun 16 06:32:45 BST 2010

We're trying to push some of our application's routing logic into RabbitMQ/AMQP but had a couple of questions before we get too far along.  We currently have a 4-node Rabbit cluster using only a single disk node.  The nodes are underpowered (and under-RAMed), but the message volume is currently only ~10 messages/sec (1K messages), although expected to grow.  We're planning on implementing a chat-like system that would perform a lot of binding operations on a limited number of queues and were wondering:

  - Are there any issues having a large (30K+) number of non-wildcarded bindings for a single queue?
  - Are there any issues with a large amount of binding "churn" (~10 binding adds/drops per second per queue)


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