[rabbitmq-discuss] message availability after close without ack

Tim Cole tim.cole at canonical.com
Tue Jun 15 18:23:42 BST 2010

My understanding had been that if a consumer is canceled (and its
channel closed) without having acked delivered messages, then those
messages become available to later consumers on the same queue.  That
doesn't actually appear to be happening, however.

I have a bit of code which is essentially doing:

 ==> basic.consume
 <== basic.deliver
 # transient application error happens
 ==> basic.cancel
 ==> channel.close

 ==> channel.open
 ==> basic.consume
 # no message delivered

I would expect to get a basic.deliver with the same message as before,
since the message wasn't acked the first time.  I'm not, though.  Is
there more to it than this?

[Note that I am not using no_ack, and that the queue in question is
durable and not exclusive or autodeleted]


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