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Thu Jun 10 16:00:37 BST 2010

Ops! this mail went to Simon only, I'm posting here if any has an extra tip
for me. Thanks

Nico César

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El 10 de junio de 2010 10:02, Nicolás César <nico at nicocesar.com> escribió:

> (..)
> is there any way to tell the broker to consume at a fixed rate with
>>> chan.basic_consume(...callback = f)?
>> Yes, basic.qos. This not-very-well-named method lets you specify how many
>> unacked messages the server will send to you at any time. So set qos to a
>> low value, then use basic_consume with a sleep before acking.
> Nice to hear a yes here!! I'll be changing my code to get this working!
> Thanks!


I'm sorry but I just don't get the use of basic_qos and fixed rate consuming
toghether!. My investigation so far leads that the parameters I have for a
QoS are:

basic_qos(prefetch_size, prefetch_count, a_global)

soppose that I use

basic_qos(prefetch_size=0, prefetch_count=1, a_global=False)

How can I limit "consume 1 message every 2 seconds" (that's my fixed rete)
using chan.basic_consume(...callback = f)?

If you could give me any help here would be very appreciated.


Nico Cesar
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