[rabbitmq-discuss] chan.flow and vm_memory_high_watermark

Nicolás César nico at nicocesar.com
Wed Jun 9 22:27:53 BST 2010

2010/6/9 Simon MacMullen <simon at rabbitmq.com>

> On 09/06/10 16:12, Nicolás César wrote:
>> Is there any other way to checkit?  Is there a way to get a memory dump
>> from the vm to see whats going on?
> Well, there's erlang:memory/0.
> If you're using the Debian packages, type:
> $ sudo -u rabbitmq -H erl -remsh rabbit@`hostname` -sname foo
> to establish a connection to the RabbitMQ Erlang process then at the Erlang
> prompt:
> memory().
> to give some high level statistics about what's using memory.


(rabbit at sendsorium)1> memory().

but in top I see beam.smp using:
VIRT=141m  RES=95m

none of those numbers get close....

How can I use this information to get better debugging?

> Other things to think about:
> * Are you using the most recent Erlang? (R13B04) GC has improved recently.

I've been using:
 Erlang R13B02 (erts-5.7.3) [source] [smp:2:2] [rq:2] [async-threads:0]

Is that old? I'm trying other resources before changing erlang version (and
taking my Debian to 'testing' instead of 'stable') . Thanks for the advice.
Now I'm aware of that... if everything fails, I'll do it!

> * Are you stopping the queues from hibernating? If you've written something
> like a shell script to repeatedly invoke rabbitmqctl list_queues this will
> keep the queue processes from hibernating which in turn stops them from
> GCing on hibernate. If queues are busy this is not a problem as they also GC
> every (n) reductions, but if they're almost-but-not-quite idle it can be a
> problem. It doesn't have to be a shell script, anything that means the
> queues never get 10 seconds or so idle.

This is really nice data!! Yes. I have scripts but they're cron'ed every
minute.... I'm changing that and testing again.

One small detail. I'm using:

while True:
  msg = self.chan.basic_get(self.config['queue'])
  if msg:

because I need a fixed-rate consumer . ... could this be a similar case of
the "almost-but-not-quite idle queue"?
is there any way to tell the broker to consume at a fixed rate with
chan.basic_consume(...callback = f)?


Nico César
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