[rabbitmq-discuss] Poor performance using a single RabbitMQ connection on high-latency networks

Vladimir Balandin vbalandin at griddynamics.com
Sat Jan 30 17:24:35 GMT 2010

We are using single connection as recommended in RabbitMQ FAQ. It is work
fine in LAN but we have problems with WAN and high latency. RabbitMQ client
send packets (packet size is 64 kB) too slow. We have installed RabbitMQ at
remote server with ping from RabbitMQ client about 150-200 ms. Each
basicPublish call require about 3 seconds to complete. So we have a
throughput is about 20 kB/s. Increasing channel numbers does not affect
performance. If we use two or more connections performance is increase
linear, but it is not acceptable for us. We are unable to use so many
connections that required to arrive full bandwidth usage. Is it possible to
increase throughput using a single TCP connection?

Vladimir Balandin
Grid Dynamics
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