[rabbitmq-discuss] Repeated acks of a message

tsuraan tsuraan at gmail.com
Fri Jan 29 15:51:13 GMT 2010

> No. Given that the transport is reliable, there is no good reason for a
> client to issue the same ack more than once. If it does then that
> probably indicates a bug in the client code. So with the restriction in
> place the server can tell the client that it's probably doing something
> wrong.

Well, maybe it's a little wrong :)  The messages in my system are
handled asynchronously, and once the work associated with some number
of messages is done, I want to ack them.  I can't use the rabbit
channel from the thread that does the processing, so I have a
workaround that has a possiblity of multiple acks on the same tag.
I'm guessing I can come up with a cleaner solution though.  I suppose
maybe the cleanest way to handle this would be to wrap
QueueingConsumer in a class that mantains a list of dtags that need
acking, so whenever the consumer gets a message (or times out) it acks
the messages at once.  I think I'll do it that way; it seems a lot
cleaner that what I'm doing now.

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