[rabbitmq-discuss] Bug in java-client's build.xml: maven artifacts have wrong names

Holger Hoffstaette holger.hoffstaette at googlemail.com
Thu Jan 28 21:29:00 GMT 2010


After installing the java-client maven artifacts into my repo manager I
noticed that sources and docs are not properly attached to the jar in the
IDE because of a naming mixup. Patch is attached.


--- build.xml	2010-01-22 14:14:24.000000000 +0100
+++ build-fixed.xml	2010-01-28 22:20:38.000000000 +0100
@@ -400,10 +400,10 @@
     <mkdir dir="${bundle.out}"/>
     <copy file="${lib.out}/rabbitmq-client.jar"
-    <jar destfile="${bundle.out}/amqp-client-sources-${impl.version}.jar">
+    <jar destfile="${bundle.out}/amqp-client-${impl.version}-sources.jar">
         <fileset dir="src"/>
-    <jar destfile="${bundle.out}/amqp-client-javadoc-${impl.version}.jar">
+    <jar destfile="${bundle.out}/amqp-client-${impl.version}-javadoc.jar">
         <fileset dir="${javadoc.out}"/>
     <copy file="pom.xml" tofile="${bundle.out}/amqp-client-${impl.version}.pom"/>

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