[rabbitmq-discuss] (how) is it intended to stream data via AMQP?

james anderson james.anderson at setf.de
Tue Jan 19 14:22:43 GMT 2010

good afternoon;

On 2010-01-19, at 12:47 , Matthias Radestock wrote:

> james anderson wrote:
>> On 2010-01-19, at 12:18 , Matthias Radestock wrote:
>>> You could add an entry to the "headers" basic content property,  
>>> an  AMQP table which is the generic place for apps to stash k/v  
>>> pairs.
>> yes, that was my original question.
>> such a practice would be standard enough that, so long as it was  
>> an  additional property (for 0-9r1 property #15), a conforming  
>> server  would not reject the message _and_ would be required to  
>> pass it through?
> I was suggesting you use the existing 'headers' property, which  
> itself is a table and specifically there for application use.

aha. i understand.

> Generally brokers are meant to pass through all properties unaltered.

? is there to be found anywhere an uml class diagram of the concrete  
models the codegen utility builds when it translates a spec into codecs?
i recall seeing (somewhere) a diagram for its abstract model. which  
is also pretty self-evident in the code, and one can always generate  
diagrams from the any of the various client library implementations,  
but none would be the same as the depictions of the codegen's  
instance models, that is of the respective specification's own model.

do those exist anywhere?


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