[rabbitmq-discuss] Rabbit crash

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Mon Jan 18 19:35:14 GMT 2010


Jeremy Dunck wrote:
> I'm running Rabbit as an NT service.  Registering Rabbit as a service
> using  rabbitmq-service.bat didn't work for me-- there were problems
> with escaping correctly for DOS vs. Erlang, and I ended up manually
> hacking the registry to get it to run at all.  Unfortunately, it
> doesn't seem to rotate logs.

True, rabbitmq-service doesn't rotate logs.

re escaping... we have fixed all known escaping issues in 
rabbitmq-service.bat; the changes will be in 1.7.1. Meanwhile you can 
download the latest version from

> It turns out that I've been using the .Net client incorrectly -- I've
> been publishing (and consuming with basic.consume) using a single
> IModel from multiple threads.  This is specifically pointed out as
> something to be avoided in the User Guide, so it may be my fault for
> crashing the server.

That wouldn't crash the server. The worst thing that can happen is that 
the client ends up sending some garbage, which will cause the server to 
report an error and close the offending connection.



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