[rabbitmq-discuss] (how) is it intended to stream data via AMQP?

james anderson james.anderson at setf.de
Mon Jan 18 13:13:58 GMT 2010

good morning;

if one has data of finite length, but for which the eventual content  
size is unknown at the outset, (how) is it intended to communicate it  
through amqp? while it would be possible to chunk it in messages, it  
is not clear how one would indicate that the data is complete. from  
the description of queue.delete, one might conclude that, once the  
content was sent, one could delete with no-wait disabled and if-empty  
enabled, but
a, would that even work?
b, it makes queues into single-use entities.
c, it misuses an exception, which should be signal an error, to  
indicate the end of the stream.

how is one intended to accomplish this without buffering the content  
at the source in order to determine the message content size?


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