[rabbitmq-discuss] message stats from a given node

Brian Sullivan bsullivan at lindenlab.com
Mon Jan 18 05:49:08 GMT 2010


I was wondering if there are any good ideas out there for tracking message
rates on a given cluster (in our use case, it's mostly topic-routed
messages).  We have been using RabbitMQ for a while now, and have been
limited to tracking stats via a consumer that effectively subscribes to '#'
and simply breaks down these stats by topic.

This works ok until the message volumes get pretty heavy - the node that the
client connects to has to be routed all messages on the cluster, and this
breaks down the scalability model for RabbitMQ - eventually that node will
be a bottleneck.

I asked this question a year or two back during our initial implementation
and was curious to know if there have been any changes since then that makes
this easier/more scalable.  Ideally, each node should be able to track it's
own statistics, which could then be collected.

Is there a way to ask a node to only route traffic that is published
directly to it?  Meaning, a way to set up a binding for only local node
traffic, nothing forwarded from other nodes in the cluster?

Any tips here would be appreciated.


ps: Tony - I am still looking at that code you sent me, this question is
something unrelated that I am re-pondering in my test cluster.  ;)
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