[rabbitmq-discuss] Chicago Erlang User Group (CEUG) coding sprint

Garrett Smith g at rre.tt
Wed Jan 13 19:37:52 GMT 2010

As an exercise to help CEUG members better understand OTP applications
and releases, we're holding a sprint on Jan 23 to work on packaging
for various Erlang apps and libraries. I've volunteered to champion

We'll be working with the Erlware tool set (Faxien, etc.) to enable
easy integration of the app/libraries into developer projects. The
scenarios are similar to what Python developers experience with
distutils/eggs or Ruby with gem.

I'm new to that tool set and don't fully understand the implications
to the rabbitmq codebase, but from what I understand this can be done
at arms length - similar to what's involved in creating system
packages. In any event, I hope come away from the sprint with a solid
understanding of what would be needed to get the Erlang components of
rabbitmq plugged into the Erlware packaging and distribution scheme.

If anyone's interested in this, let me know. I'd love to get any
input: good, bad, etc.


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