[rabbitmq-discuss] Queuing for an application that does a fair amount of synchronous processing

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Mon Jan 11 09:59:26 GMT 2010

vishnu wrote:
> We're also looking at about 3000 messages/second (high side)
> [...]
> The way we plan to implement these synchronous messages is, similar to 
> the RPC model, to create a temporary queue when we send out a request 
> and subscribe to that queue with a timeout for a response, deleting it 
> after we're done.

Queue creation is quite expensive; creating a temporary queue for every 
single request is therefore quite costly and you may well not be able to 
get 3000Hz throughput that way.

Are you planning to create a connection per request too? That too would 
be costly.

I'd recommend using a pool of connections, with per-connection exclusive 
reply queues.

> now, if the webserver thread breaks out of the wait before the message 
> returns, my understanding is that the temporary queue gets deleted and 
> the response from the backend server is sent to the exchange where it 
> dies. (which is fine)
> if the webserver thread breaks out of the wait after the message 
> returns, the queue gets deleted anyway and the message should vanish.
> If the webserver thread dies for some reason, the queue gets auto 
> deleted and so the  backend server again sends the response to the 
> exchange to a non existent queue.
> However, the problem comes in when the webserver thread dies just as the 
> response returns on the temporary queue. When this race condition 
> occurs, the queue should remain on the rabbitmq-server forever. Is this 
> right, or is there something I'm missing?

Exclusive queues get deleted when their creating connection disappears. 
So the answer to the above depends on how you manage the lifecycle of 
the AMQP connection.



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