[rabbitmq-discuss] Trying to understand AMQP: definitions

Jeremy Dunck jdunck at gmail.com
Thu Jan 7 14:14:52 GMT 2010

On Thu, Jan 7, 2010 at 2:34 AM, Gordon Sim <gsim at redhat.com> wrote:
> On 01/06/2010 11:45 PM, Jeremy Dunck wrote:
>> I'm referring to the 0.8 spec found here, since that's apparently
>> what's (mostly) supported by Rabbit 1.7:
>> http://www.amqp.org/confluence/download/attachments/720900/amqp0-8.pdf?version=1&modificationDate=1183135458000
>> I was surprised to find no definition of passive, exclusive, or even
>> auto-delete within that spec.   Am I missing it?   Did it get
>> clarified in a later version?
> More detail on the parameters (or fields as AMQP calls them) is given in the
> XML that defines them:
> http://www.amqp.org/confluence/download/attachments/720900/amqp0-8.xml?version=1&modificationDate=1183135648000

Ah, yes, that helps a lot.  I'm surprised the XML file isn't more
prominently mentioned in the spec PDF, but I should have noticed the
XML file offered next to the PDF on this page:

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