[rabbitmq-discuss] Handling Channel.Flow method

Chris Duncan celldee at gmail.com
Tue Jan 5 19:32:23 GMT 2010

Hi Scott,

If I read the details of the select call correctly, wouldn't I have  
to provide a timeout value so that if there is nothing to read from  
the socket I stop blocking and can publish the next message?



On 5 Jan 2010, at 14:48, Scott Brooks wrote:

> Have you tried calling select on your socket to see if there is any  
> data available to be read before a publish?
> Then your publish method could throw a ChannelFlowException or  
> something like that.
> If you are waiting on tx-ok, then you will have to wait the latency  
> of your link to your rabbit server before sending your next  
> message.  Even a 1 ms delay on your link limits you to 1000  
> messages/second.
> On 2010-01-05, at 7:21 AM, Chris Duncan wrote:
>> I've been wanting to incorporate Channel.Flow method handling into  
>> the Bunny Ruby client library for a while. It's needed, but I want  
>> to do it in a simple, efficient way. I want to be able to give a  
>> client application the option to stop sending messages as soon as  
>> possible after receiving a Channel.Flow method (with :active =>  
>> false) and that means that I need to know whether a Basic.Publish  
>> succeeds as well as whether it fails.
>> At the moment there is the potential for a client application to  
>> keep firing messages at the server whilst being oblivious to the  
>> fact that the server is telling it to stop. If the client  
>> application is just writing and not reading, purely a publisher of  
>> messages, then there has to be an efficient way of notifying the  
>> client that a publish has succeeded. As far as I can see, the  
>> simplest way to do that is with a publish-ok.
>> Transactions may give me what I want but I don't think that I  
>> should be enforcing the use of transactions in my client library  
>> just so that it will handle Channel.Flow methods properly.
>> Regards,
>> Chris <ATT00001.c>
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