[rabbitmq-discuss] JMS/AMQP use case

Alexis Richardson alexis.richardson at gmail.com
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Yes, in that case do take a look at STOMP and do take a look at the
JMS client, which lets a publisher speak in JMS to RabbitMQ.  The
client turns the JMSy stuff into AMQPy stuff.,.

Note that the RabbitMQ 'Java client' that is on our web site is not
the JMS client that I am referring to.  Our main Java client is POJO


On Tue, Jan 5, 2010 at 2:52 PM, Jan Van Besien <janvanbesien at gmail.com> wrote:
> Many thanks for your answers. This already clarified a lot. It also made
> me realise that my question was a bit vague in some parts ;-)
> Some further remarks inline:
> Alexis Richardson wrote:
>> 1. Install and run RabbitMQ
>> 2. Set up some queues and bindings (perhaps, one for each of your public topics)
>> 3. Publish AMQP messages to RabbitMQ
>> 4. Consume AMQP messages from RabbitMQ using a Java client.
>> 5. In the same Java client, create JMS messages from the payloads of
>> the AMQP and forward them to your JMS system
> This sounds like a workable aproach to me. Certainly because my setup
> will even be a bit easier I think.
> What I didn't make clear in my initial question is that the JMS
> interface we expose to the "outside" (i.e. the set of topics I
> mentioned) is only used to push data from the internal (JMS) system to
> external clients. From the perspective of the external clients, it is
> read only.
> This (I think) means that I wouldn't need to consume AMQP messages from
> RabbitMQ (step 4 and 5 above). I would only need an internal component
> which consumes JMS messages, turns them into AMQP messages and sends
> them to rabbitMQ.
> If I understand correctly, the "consume JMS messages" part of that
> component would not depend on rabbitMQ at all (just a JMS message
> listener), and the "turn into AMQP messages and send to rabbitMQ" can be
> done with the rabbitMQ java api.
>> *Alternatively*
>> Have you looked at STOMP?  If your infra requires JMS based messaging
>> inside for some time, then STOMP is one way to cross the language
>> barrier.  It's not as powerful as AMQP for defining broker behaviour
>> (routing, delivery, qos), but, you don't always need that.
> I had never heard of it, but it seems indeed more than enough for my
> simple use case. I'll certainly have a closer look at it.
> thanks again,
> Jan
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