[rabbitmq-discuss] JMS/AMQP use case

Jan Van Besien janvanbesien at gmail.com
Tue Jan 5 07:32:41 GMT 2010

Hi all,

We currently use JMS between a lot of internal components, and also 
expose a JMS interface externally (a set of topics) to our customers. As 
JMS is a Java only thing, we are looking into language neutral 
alternatives for the customer facing interface. The AMQP standard seems 
to fit our needs, but I haven't figured out yet what the ideal 
deployment scenario (with rabbitMQ) would be.

Is it possible (and desirable) to continue using JMS internally (without
rabbitMQ) in a first phase, and have an AMQP interface on top of it? If 
so, could you give me some hints on how the setup would be than. I guess 
I need to deploy the rabbitMQ server, and develop some component which 
makes the "bridge" between JMS and AMQP (listening to incoming JMS 
messages and "forwarding" them to the rabbitMQ server or something like 

Does this sound like a good idea at all, or should I maybe try to use 
rabbitMQ as the underlying implementation for the internal JMS as well?

I'm sorry if these are newbie questions... The individual pieces of 
documentation seem comprehensive enough, but I currently fail to get the 
overall idea of how to apply it to my use case (could be me of course).

Thanks in advance,

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