[rabbitmq-discuss] Taking error_logger out of the "fast path" (was Re: beam process using 100% cpu and lots of memory)

Tony Garnock-Jones tonyg at lshift.net
Thu Feb 25 08:42:34 GMT 2010

Matthew Sackman wrote:
> That's potentially a problem. We've recently discovered that the error
> logger, as it logs a couple of messages for every connection, isn't very
> fast, and its mailbox can rapidly grow.

That's very interesting. Should we avoid it? It's a tradeoff between the
nice features, flexibility & integration using the OTP error logging
mechanism gives us and the overhead of same. I'm sure we could gin up a
sane logger that's much quicker (but less flexible) fairly quickly.

What if, instead, we used syslog? Or simply logged everything only
through an internal exchange, avoiding the error_logger?


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