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Meredith Gregory lgreg.meredith at gmail.com
Wed Feb 24 03:09:06 GMT 2010

Dear Tony,

Thanks for the response! Unfortunately, i'm such a RabbitMQ noob that terms
like "bound to a separate exchange" don't mean anything to me in terms of
lines of code, *yet*. That's why i was hoping for a code sample ;-).

Best wishes,


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Subject: Point-to-point messaging with AMQP (was Re: rabbitmq-server failing
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Meredith Gregory wrote:
> That was the ticket. i figured it out last night after some poking
> around. BTW, do you have code samples for the a simple two-way
> conversation? I.e., setting up a channel from A -> B and another from B
> -> A? i'm currently working with the Scala/Lift wrapper around what i
> believe to be the Java client.

At its simplest, this can be

 - one queue with a well-known name per party
 - messages sent to exchange "", routing_key = queue_name

For more flexibility (and compositionality! ;-) ) choose to use queues
without well-known names, that are bound to a separate exchange

 - one queue with a secret name per party
 - the party binds it to a direct exchange called "chat" or similar
  with routing_key/binding_key equal to the name it wishes to be
  known by
 - messages sent to exchange "chat", routing_key = public name

Fancy posting these questions to rabbitmq-discuss at all? We're always
looking to build up the archive for later mining for FAQs :-)


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