[rabbitmq-discuss] Can't Determine Cause of 541 - INTERNAL_ERROR

Samuel Duncan sduncan at wetafx.co.nz
Mon Feb 22 23:16:09 GMT 2010

I'm using amqplib with python. On a scheduled shutdown, the clients will 
first close their channel, then the connection via the builtin methods, 
but that is all. I'll have a hunt in the source to see what that does 
under the hood. Obviously as you say, there are many times (especially 
in larger scale testing) where things don't go to plan, but good to know 
there are no lasting side effects in terms of server stability with 
regards to the abruptly closed connections. I've changed the rabbit 
config, so we'll fire it up and let you know. Thanks again.


Matthias Radestock wrote:
> Sam,
> Samuel Duncan wrote:
>> What is it that causes connection closing to be considered abrupt? Is
>> there some preamble I am failing to do on shutdown of the
>> application?
> AMQP defines a shutdown handshake as part of the protocol. Most client 
> libraries take care of that when used correctly. What client library 
> are you developing against?
> Some abrupt closures are unavoidable, such as when there is a network 
> fault or the client app crashed.
> Note that whether or not the connection is shut down cleanly has no 
> impact on the problem you observed.
> Regards,
> Matthias.

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