[rabbitmq-discuss] Version numbers for librabbitmq-c?

David Wragg david.wragg at lshift.net
Mon Feb 22 01:23:06 GMT 2010

Stuart Herbert <stuart.herbert at gradwell.com> writes:
> I'm looking to work with RabbitMQ from PHP, and have run into
> several problems with getting the various PHP extensions to compile.
> One of the causes of these problems is that (as far as I can tell)
> there are no versioned releases of librabbitmq-c for a PHP extension
> to state that it is compatible with.
> Are there any plans to start versioning releases of librabbitmq-c?

Despite the interesting things people have done with it, librabbitmq
remains experimental software.  At this point in time, it is not
mature enough for us to version and release it along with the
principal RabbitMQ components.

But perhaps there are other less significant steps we could take to
resolve the issue you mention.  I'm afraid I'm not familiar with PHP
extension development.  How are the dependencies of PHP extensions
expressed - is there some documentation you could point us to?


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