[rabbitmq-discuss] amqp_channel_open issue

Tony Garnock-Jones tonyg at lshift.net
Thu Feb 18 20:32:19 GMT 2010

Jim Irrer wrote:
> So the C client is different from the Java client implementation, which
> says that multiple threads can share a connection, but not a channel

Yes, that's right.

> If I have a multi-threaded Java client that needs many channels, then
> it is ok (and more efficient) to have one connection and construct
> many channels from it?

It's certainly OK. Whether it's more efficient or not depends on exactly
what you're doing, but it is definitely more efficient in terms of
socket/TCP resource use. Bear in mind that all the channels are
multiplexed together onto a single TCP socket, and so one channel may
momentarily force another to wait.


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