[rabbitmq-discuss] rabbit mq C++ client library

Tony Garnock-Jones tonyg at lshift.net
Thu Feb 18 05:55:48 GMT 2010

Alexis Richardson wrote:
> So - who is up for taking a lead on a C++ client, perhaps based on
> Tony's C client?

To whomever is considering this: Providing a thin C++ class wrapper
around the C client ought to be quite straightforward.

It will be difficult to integrate smoothly with the various eventing
systems out there, though. Probably the best approach is to mimic
librabbitmq, and simply punt: let the user poke byte arrays in to the
client when data arrives.

It will also be difficult to do anything sensible around multithreading,
largely because librabbitmq is written for an evented system, not a
threaded system. As a jumping-off point, check out the (quite complex)
code in the Java and .NET client libraries that manages multithreading


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