[rabbitmq-discuss] a common-lisp amqp client

james anderson james.anderson at setf.de
Wed Feb 17 19:36:25 GMT 2010

good evening;

On 2010-02-17, at 11:10 , Alexis Richardson wrote:

> James
> [...]
> If you have more comments about interoperability please do keep
> posting them here.  As we converge on 0-91 implementations, your work
> will be increasingly helpful in establishing cross-broker conformance.

as it were, i do have one.

one may recall, i had enquired some time back, about the intended  
mechanism to stream data through a channel.
there were a few responses. of which one was a concrete suggestion,  
it was unsatisfactory.
upon reflection, it should be possible to do this portably, in a way  
which at least reflects standard practice elsewhere, and without an  
extra message.
in fact, the conceived mechanism does work with qpid.
the details - both an explanation of the mechanism and connection  
transcripts, are in a note online.[1]

the log output is dense, but the bottom line is, rabbitmq suppresses  
zero-length frames.
as demonstrated by this manner to implement chunking, these frames  
most definitely carry information.
in which case, i am surprised the broker is permitted to drop them.

is there a reason the server does this?
can this be corrected through reconfiguration?

[1] http://github.com/lisp/de.setf.amqp/blob/master/examples/README- 

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