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Wed Feb 17 14:15:10 GMT 2010

On Wed, Feb 17, 2010 at 2:02 PM, glenner <glenn.ergeerts at artesis.be> wrote:

> I have one server application and multiple client applications. The server
> can publish different kind of events to the interested clients. Clients
> express their interest in a certain event type (together with a predicate
> which describes in which situation they should get an event, so they can
> filter events). From that moment on the server pushes events to the
> subscribed clients when they occur and match the predicates.
> For implementing this i thought to have the server listening (using
> SimpleRpcServer) to one central queue where the subscription requests get
> send to. A new queue matching that subscription is then constructed by the
> server. The server publishes messages on the correct queues when certain
> events occur. The clients listen on their specific queue(s) (also using a
> SimpleRpcServer). The client knows which queue to listen to based on a
> convention (name of the event etc).
> Now the question: i want to be able to let the server specify (generate) a
> unique queue name for each client/event subscription and then send it back
> to the client so the client knows which queue to subscribe to. Is something
> like this possible? I could not find any support for replying inside the
> SimpleRpcServer.
> And, more general, is this a valid design using RabbitMQ/AMQP? I'm still
> new
> to RabbitMQ/AMQP so maybe i overlooked a more approriate way to do this..

The Erlang amqp client lib has an example RPC server.

In essence, when your client fires the "new subscription please" request it
also has to create a reply queue. The initial message from client to server
has to contain your "subscription request" plus your reply_to queue name
and, ideally, a correlation_id. The reply_to and correlation_id fields, I
think, are already part of the AMPQ message properties.

Your client can then receive the desired "new subscription" queue name as a
message from the server on the reply_to queue with the appropriate

Hope this gets you into the right direction,
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