[rabbitmq-discuss] ? about rabbitmq 1.7.1 and 7-byte frame headers (2)

james anderson james.anderson at setf.de
Tue Feb 16 12:01:18 GMT 2010

good morning;

still trying to get this straight.

On 2010-02-16, at 07:04 , Matthias Radestock wrote:

> James,
> james anderson wrote:
>> a recently built rabbitmq server server indicates - even to the  
>> level  of the response server properties, that it implements "amqp  
>> 8-0", but
>> a. if one connects with a 9-1 version token, it does not  
>> disconnect.  it proceeds to negotiate the connection.
> That is expected behaviour for a 0-8 broker, at the least by some  
> interpretations of the spec - if the client specifies a higher  
> version number than supported by the server then negotiation  
> proceeds with the server sending the version it supports.

the phrase, "proceeds with the server sending the version it  
supports", is to mean that the specification's notion of "accepts"  
permits a broker to reply with a Connection.Start with the major and  
minor server properties set to reflect the version it supports, but  
with no required relation to the requested version, and that standard  
practice is to permit just values less than that requested? is the  
behavior specific to rabbitmq? universal to all r8.0 brokers?

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