[rabbitmq-discuss] Plugin Hooks / Callbacks

Arco akleak at gmail.com
Wed Feb 10 23:44:26 GMT 2010

Hi Folks -

I'd like to write a RabbitMQ plugin that collects traffic counts and
stats.  (I suppose this is related to another thread "Monitoring
Message Thruput").

I figured out how to write a 'counter' plugin that does what I want.

Now my question is - how to invoke the plugin from RabbitMQ?  I'd like
the plugin to be called whenever a message enters an exchange, and
also whenever a message leaves a queue.

Does RabbitMQ have hooks to register plugin callbacks like this, or do
I have to modify the RabbitMQ source directly??

It's my first day of hands-on Erlang!  Hope this makes sense!  :-)

Cheers, Andy

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