[rabbitmq-discuss] PHP Client libraries

Alexandre Kalendarev akalend at mail.ru
Mon Feb 8 22:45:40 GMT 2010

> 2) The "php-rabbit is bug ridden" statement stemmed from the typos (AQPM instead of AMQP) and the fact that the 
module would not load due to an improper DEFINE. If the owner hadn't compiled it and tested it, I felt safe in assuming 
there were more issues down the road.
> After Alexandre asked me for some demos, I went back and tried to generate a sample script detailing the bug I was 
encountering (all exchanges were being declared and 'direct' and I couldn't publish). After plodding through the code and 
fixing the fucntion signatures and improper dereferencing, I think I have something that works, but I haven't had a chance 
to fully vet it (Super Bowl.) Let me see if I can't get it working, and I will keep the list informed of my progress.

the exchange have type direct by default. You can  declare any type for exchange or queue. 


$msg = "my news in the Spb...";
$cnn = new APMQConection(array ('port'=>5673, 'login' => 'sector1' ));
$exchange = new AMQPExchange($cnn);

$exchange->declare( 'ex_name', 'topic');
$res = $exchange->publish( $msg, 'spb.news');

//Queue declare
$queue = new AMQPQueue($cnn);  
$queue->declare('chat_12', AMQP_AUTEDELETE | AMQP_DURABLE); 

The more documentation is writing  at time and sometime will on the project page.
I use it on the prodaction and it the work is very well.  I know one bug:  the so modules dont downloaded , but if 
configure with option  --with-rabbit  and compile as static, the compilation is successfull.

If You find any bug, please send email.


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