[rabbitmq-discuss] Monitoring Message Throughput

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Sat Feb 6 21:17:02 GMT 2010


Nico Meyer wrote:
> are there any good solutions to monitor the message throughput of
> RabbitMQ? Preferably broken down by queues. I have quickly checked the
> monitoring solutions on the webpage, but none seem to have that feature.
> Also there is probably not enough data exported by RabbitMQ to do this.

The closest you can get at the moment is the various socket stats 
reported by 'rabbitmqctl list_connections', but that is clearly quite a 
long way from per-queue message throughput stats.

We will add more stats (and more ways of getting at them) in the future, 
so your input is appreciated in defining what exactly it is that you and 
other users are looking for. So, regarding your specific request ...

By "throughput" do you mean:
- rate at which messages are enqueued?
- rate at which messages are dequeued?

If it's "messages enqueued", what happens to messages that are part of a 
transaction? Are they included in the figure immediately or only when 
the tx has committed?

If it's "messages dequeued", what happens to message redeliveries (e.g. 
when a message has been delivered but then the client disconnected w/o 
acking them and the message is subsequently redelivered to another 
client)? Are they included in the figure?

- are you interested in message counts, i.e. messages per second, or 
data volumes, i.e. octets per second?
- over what period of time should the figures be averaged?
- do the stats of a durable queue need to survive a broker restart?
- do the stats still need to be accessible after a queue has been deleted?
- what stats other than per-queue throughputs would you like to see?

I realise these are a lot of questions. But answering them will help us 
shape our future stats architecture.



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