[rabbitmq-discuss] Connection issue

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Sat Feb 6 19:56:21 GMT 2010


Sebastien Plisson wrote:
> When my client tries to connect to rabbitmq server this one closes the 
> connection,
> The rabbit.log says:
> =INFO REPORT==== 4-Feb-2010::21:53:47 ===
> starting TCP connection <0.9904.0> from
> =ERROR REPORT==== 4-Feb-2010::21:53:57 ===
> exception on TCP connection <0.9904.0> from
> {handshake_timeout,frame_header}
> =INFO REPORT==== 4-Feb-2010::21:53:57 ===
> closing TCP connection <0.9904.0> from
> I can’t figure out what’s wrong with my setup.

The most likely explanation for the above log trace is that the client 
is establishing a tcp connection to the server but is then not sending 
the required AMQP protocol header. So eventually (after 10 seconds) the 
server closes the connection.

What client are you using?

You may want to use a tool like wireshark to sniff the traffic.


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