[rabbitmq-discuss] EC2 clustering issue

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Sat Feb 6 18:55:19 GMT 2010


Sebastien Plisson wrote:
> I found out that the issue came from the fact I cloned the instance to 
> create my second instance and that instance was containing a mnesia db 
> for the first node rabbit1.

Ah, that certainly would cause rabbit to complain.

> After deleting the Mnesia/rabbitmq folder I was able to start the node.
> Though the cluster is not created despite my configuration.

I suggest you
1) stop both rabbits
2) delete the rabbit db folder (as you did above), on *both* nodes
3) check that the cluster config file looks sane on both nodes
4) start one node, and then the other
5) use the 'rabbitmqctl status' command to check on the clustering 
status on both nodes. If that doesn't show what you expect, or one of 
the nodes failed to start, try running 'rabbitmqctl status' from one 
node against the other (using the -n option), and vice versa. If that 
fails then the diagnostics output might provide some clues as to what is 
going wrong.



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