[rabbitmq-discuss] does native web xmpp plugin in rabbitmq makes sense?

Ben Browitt ben.browitt at gmail.com
Wed Feb 3 11:06:56 GMT 2010


There is the xmpp bridge with ejabberd but I wonder if native xmpp bosh
support in rabbitmq makes sense.
Let's say mochiweb accept xmpp http requests, a process per user receive a
request and decide what to do with it.
Each process will use the amqp erlang client to create a channel and then
exchanges, queues and bindings when needed.

If mochiweb handles the connections and a plugin handles the logic do I
really gain anything by using rabbitmq?
I have a feeling that rabbitmq is the way to go but I don't know why.
What benefits do I get by using rabbitmq in this scenario?

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