[rabbitmq-discuss] Simple client/server running on different OS are lagging

Pradeep Gatram pradeep.gatram at gmail.com
Wed Feb 3 05:16:52 GMT 2010


Have you checked the timestamps of the involved machines? Sounds like a 4min
time difference between the two clocks.


On Tue, Feb 2, 2010 at 10:18 PM, Matthew Sackman <matthew at lshift.net> wrote:

> Hi Frank,
> On Tue, Feb 02, 2010 at 04:26:58PM +0000, Matthew Sackman wrote:
> > Not really too sure what to suggest, but others on the list have
> > reported better throughput when increasing buffers in Rabbit
> Also, you're using the python client, to do performance testing, which
> is a little questionable - in our experience the python clients tend to
> perform badly. I'd suggest you test using our Java client which contains
> an example program called MulticastMain which is pretty flexible for
> testing performance and sustainable throughput.
> From the rabbitmq-java-client directory:
> ant clean dist
> cd build/dist
> sh runjava.sh com/rabbitmq/examples/MulticastMain -s 1000000 -r 25 -a -z 20
> -q 1
> where the -s parameter specifies the size, in bytes, the -r parameter
> specifies the sending rate, -a turns on auto-ack, which you may want for
> this, -z says how long to run the test for (in seconds) and -q sets the
> qos on the consumer to 1.
> This will create one producer and one consumer on the same box. You
> should vary the rate (-r) until the sending rates and receiving rates
> are balanced and sustainable (I tend to watch the reported latencies -
> if they keep increasing, then it's not balanced).
> Other if you just provide -? then it'll print out all the options. If
> you want to use different machines for producer and consumer then you
> can use -x 0 to turn off producers, and -y 0 to turn off consumers on
> each box respectively. If you do do that, then you'll also need to
> specify at least -e to name the exchange, and likely set -t to fanout
> otherwise it'll attempt to use a private queue of the default direct
> exchange and thus not route messages to the consumer. Also, start the
> consumer first.
> So, the consumer might look like this:
> sh runjava.sh com/rabbitmq/examples/MulticastMain -s 10000000 -r 1 -a -z 20
> -q 1 -x 0 -e my_exchage -t fanout
> whilst the producer looks like:
> sh runjava.sh com/rabbitmq/examples/MulticastMain -s 10000000 -r 1 -a -z 20
> -q 1 -y 0 -e my_exchage -t fanout
> These certainly work for me.
> Matthew
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