[rabbitmq-discuss] PubSub - all bindings have to be in memory?

Ben Browitt ben.browitt at gmail.com
Mon Feb 1 05:58:52 GMT 2010


I want to build a pubsub system with a finite number of queues and exchanges
and a growing number of bindings.
A simple example is users (queues) that subscribe (bindings) to articles
In the first 24H since an article has been published we want subscribers to
get updates (comments) in real time
but after that when the frequency of new comments will decrease it's ok if
updates will be delivered in a delay.
I don't want to limit the number of articles a user can subscribe to, so
over time the bindings can grow exponentially.

Do I have to keep all bindings in memory or is there a mode where rabbitmq
can read binding keys from disk when needed?

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