[rabbitmq-discuss] Best practices for setting up exchanges & queues for multi-tenancy.

Filbar vfilby at gmail.com
Thu Dec 23 19:53:50 GMT 2010


I have been unable to find information on the best way to layout
virtual machines and exchanges for multi-tenant web apps.  If I have
missed something obvious please direct me to the docs.  I am building
a multi-tenant web app that needs to talk to computers/devices on the
client's LAN.  Each client will have 4-20 devices and there will be
about 100,000 clients and needs to scale to 1,000,000.

My understanding is that different clients should be on different
virtual machines in order to protect exchanges and queues, but this
seems overkill for 4-20 exchanges/queues per VM.  The next best
solution seems to use one exchange per client and each of the
applications can have it's own queue.  What is the best way to handle
this so that the application can scale as the number of users grows?

I greatly your appreciate guidance.


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